Meredith Turits


Meredith's short fiction has been published both in print and online. A synopsis of her novel, HOW TO SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS, currently in revisions, is below. She is represented by Dana Murphy of The Book Group.

Selected fiction publications:

"You Told Me I Looked Good"
Hobart· September 28, 2015
"When We Hit the Water"
Five Quarterly· October 2014
"Bienvenue à New York"
Vo1. 1 Brooklyn · November 2013
"A Rembrandt" (first novel excerpt)
Joyland Magazine· June 2013
"Dueling Banjos"
Corium Magazine· Issue 13, Spring 2013
"The Prodigy"
Split Lip Magazine· Volume 5, May, 2013
Featured Writer in Residence
five by five hundred· January 2013-March 2014
Anobium Literary Magazine · Volume 1, Summer 2011
"Not Our City" (three-part serial)
Millennials Magazine · Issue 2: Modern Love, Winter 2010
"You Destroyed Everything" (first novel excerpt)
Podium Literary Journal· 92nd Street Y Unterberger Poetry Center quarterly, Spring 2010

Novel synopsis:


"For the first time, Adam felt her in his hands without ever having touched her, and realized then that it was not enough."

Adam Rose didn’t mean to cross a line, but he couldn’t help it. When he found himself in the bedroom of his seventeen-year-old student Peyton Sutter, he felt his knees wrap around her legs as she stood in front of him, and he kissed her. He pulled her into him, and laid her against her white sheets. Peyton didn’t say no.

The first time the twenty-seven-year-old teacher sleeps with the eleventh grader isn’t the last—but it doesn’t mean the transgression doesn’t consume Adam. He takes himself to the office of newly minted therapist Rachel Steinhauser, unsure what he’s going to divulge to her, but aware he needs to sort through the mess he’s made. Adam tries to keep the details of his relationship vague, but one night, Rachel figures out Adam’s desperate situation.

Professionally, twenty-eight-year-old Rachel is obligated to report her new client—yet she keeps putting it off. She’s mesmerized by something about Adam, who doesn’t turn out to be the demon predator she expects. Each time she feels herself pulled to abide by the rules, Adam comes into her mind: his vulnerability. Maybe even his goodness. And there’s something more to it, too: His continued confessions begin to illuminate the demons of Rachel’s own personal life beyond the office—especially the problems in her crumbling marriage to thirty-seven-year-old hedge fund manager Ian Harnett.

At night, when the lights go down, Ian’s sole focus rests on getting Rachel pregnant, no matter the circumstances, and no matter what his wife wants. She’s done all she can to escape him—including things she can never tell him. But Rachel, who’s been with Ian since she was a senior at Yale, can’t leave, dependent completely on her husband’s money to keep alive her ailing father, the only person she has left in the world not tied to the Harnetts. And, maybe, to keep her alive, too—she’s never really been on her own.

However, as Rachel continues to hold onto Adam’s secret, she becomes increasingly implicated in her patient’s illegal behavior—a Class C felony in Connecticut—which only becomes more complicated to report as their sessions continue. As the two spend more time together, however, their paths begin to weave into each other in ways neither expects, and, eventually, in ways no one can turn away from.

HOW TO SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS looks into the intertwined lives of four people affected by one mistake—from its most life-shattering consequences to the smallest repercussions that start as fractures and turn into canyons. Plumbing the depths of human psychology, sexuality, and power dynamics, the novel asks what happens when the answers you thought you had aren’t the right ones after all.